4 Outfits That Are Stylish & Never Get Obsolete To Mix With Sneakers

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Sneakers have been a must-have item in any man’s cabinet since forever. Very easy to mix, ageless and always fashionable are reasons why every man is owning at least one pair of sneakers. What is more important than having sneakers is what to wear along with them. Here are 4 outfits that are not only stylish but also will never get old when mixed with sneakers.

1. Looking Active with T-shirts, Jeans & Sneakers

Looking Active with T-shirts, Jeans & Sneakers

This is the most popular outfit as you can always take it to any occasion – unless you are going to a job interview. Plus, the items are also extremely easy to get. Simply buy them at any store and wear them to your weekend hangouts, night dates or of course, school. You are totally free to customize color and detailed design of each item to match your taste. T-shirt and sneakers will create a clean & fresh look, while black items will add a little mystery and depth to your appearance.

2. Courteous Guy with Chemise, Khaki Pants & Sneakers

Courteous Guy with Chemise, Khaki Pants & Sneakers

Khaki pants, in general, are not for every age. However, when coming with the right form and color, khaki pants could help you look a bit more mature and absolutely courteous. Therefore, if you are going to have an informal meeting with your clients, or a cozy dinner at your girlfriend’s parents’ place, this outfit is the choice.

The existence of a decent chemise in your outfit, whether fully worn or coated outside a T-shirt, along with khaki pants and sneakers bring about a comfortable, but not untidy, manly, but not too showing-off appearance. Depending on how formal the event is, you decide whether or not to tuck your chemise into the pants.

3. Complete Gentleman with Suit & Sneakers

Complete Gentleman with Suit & Sneakers

No man really needs a suit to be a gentleman. But a man with a suit owns the gentleman’s outlook and sometimes, people only need that much to determine their behaviors towards others. However, a suit does not have to always go with a pair of Oxford. Wearing sneakers with suits is an interesting combination to totally refresh the image of a gentleman and define it your way.

Although sneakers and suits seem to play on opposite sides – while sneakers are sporty and playful, suits are formal and sophisticated. When being mixed, these two complement each other amazingly. Sneakers lessen the seriousness of suits, while the suits add a bit of gentleness to the shoes. They create a youthful, fashionable and street-wise appearance to the man wearing them.

4. Express Your StreetStyle with Bomber Jacket, Dark Jeans & Sneakers

Express Your StreetStyle with Bomber Jacket, Dark Jeans & Sneakers

For when you grow bored of all the basic and modest looks, a bomber or leather jacket combining with dark jeans and sneakers will give you the look of a streetstyle fashion icon. As simple as the items are, this outfit brings about a greatly naughty and “street” effect to make you look bold and different.

To maximize the effect, it should be dark, or black jeans. You decide whether the overall color of the outfit should be all-black or black-white. Bomber or leather jackets and sneakers are both ageless items that will make the outfit either out of the trend or always trendy.

Having a sneakers is perfectly helpful as long as you know how to diverse or multiply the usage of them. Hope you enjoy your refreshing look with your sneakers.