5 Tips for Choosing Shoes Short Men Must Know

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Possessing a humble number of height is somehow a disadvantage to various kinds of people. You might feel inferior when competing with people who own a dominant height to you in sport or lack of confidence showing up in front of a crowd. The simplest reason could also be – it makes it hard for you to wear things you like.

On the other hand, an irritation short men face is the society’s long settled prejudice that high heels are not for men. The good news is – there are other ways to cheat with your height. Shoes are the most critical factor that emphasizes how tall you are. These 5 tips for choosing the right shoes will help you appear taller.

5 Tips for Choosing Shoes Short Men Must Know

1. Pick the Right Size

This is the first step to conceal your shortness. A pair of shoes that is too tight will make you suffer. Meanwhile, a pair that is too loose will swallow more of your height. Choose one that fit your feet just well. Know your feet and identify which one between your right and left foot is the bigger one. Shop for shoes in the afternoon when your feet are at their maximum stretch, try shoes on your bigger foot and make sure you walk comfortably in the shoes you buy.

2. Choose Shoes with Oblong Shape

If you wish to appear taller, stay away from flat shoes forms. Those shoes will flatten your figure and makes you look short. Stick with slender designs that embrace your feet closely. Oblong shape encloses your feet just well and keep their appearance slim and slight that results to a taller overall image of your body.

3. Ankle-High Shoes Instead of Boots

Although boots sharpen a man’s virile image well, they do not seem to stretch a short man body any bit, but rather, swallow a few inches of their legs. Therefore, boots should not always be your first choice. Instead, ankle-high sneakers or Chukka boots are perfect for short men. These shoes are designed to be slim and cover only up to your ankles so they do not cut off much of your height. A pair of Chukkas also often come with 2 or 3-inche heels that will plus some to your height.

4.  Round Instead of Pointy Shoes

Pointy shoes make quite a statement about yourself but it also makes your image appear slimmer and shorter due to its thin and sharp shape. Instead, round shoes neutralize the look and make your body seems not as short. There are different extents to how round a pair of shoes could be. Again, choose one that embraces your feet just closely that looks like an oblong.

5. Opt For Inner Heel Shoes

Inner heel shoes are such a powerful weapon to both short men and women. These shoes could build your height up to 2-4 inches or even 5-7 inches owing to the platforms inside each of them. On the other hand, you could also get yourself the platforms separately. They come in separable layers so you are totally able to put them into pretty much any shoes and reduce or increase the additional height you wish to have.

Whatever way you might opt for, remember that those are options that can make you to look taller or not as short. However, there will come times that you get to take off your shoes. Therefore, learn to live with yourself, love it, be grateful for it and gradually you will be confident with who you really are.

Hope you appear bright and confident every day.