Key Factors For Choosing The Best High Heels

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High heels are great “weapon of beauty” for all women. However, many people still do not know what factors you need to consider when selecting a pair of shoes. In this article, I am going to share experiences that I gained from working more than ten years in the shoe industry. Hope you will find useful information and choose the best pair of shoes.

Key factors for choosing the best high heels

Material – Leather

People uses a variety of types of leather such as real leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, and faux leather to make leather shoes.

Of course, real leather is excellent and has many advantages. However, nowadays, due to the policy of animal protection, real leather is no longer attractive, and the price of real leather shoes is also very high. Therefore, synthetic leather and artificial one are used more because their softness and smoothness are the same as real leather and we do not kill any animals. However, it is not a good idea to use faux leather shoes although it is cheaper.

Taiwan, China, Korea are very famous in the leather industry. In particular, Taiwan is outstanding because of many contracts for leather shoes for many brands such as Nike shoes, Adidas, Converse. The best leather is also applied Nanotechnology to prevent scratches from collisions

You should pay close attention to the shoe leather selection and remember to press, squeeze to check whether it is soft, smooth or not like poor-quality leather.

Shoe Linings

This factor will directly affect your legs. Whether you feel comfortable and get no pain on your feet is depend on the quality of the shoe linings; so you should choose them carefully.

Generally, low-quality shoes use the pads made from simili to gain cheap cost. These liners are easy to clean and waterproof. However, they make your legs uncomfortable and produce a lot of sweat, or even your skin can be irritated.

Shoemakers have the technology to provide the linings that must be comfortable when you move, have good sweat absorbance and do not irritate or hurt your leg. You can refer to the shoe linings made from synthetic textile fabric that has an excellent elasticity and absorbs sweat effectively.

Shoe Form

The form of a shoe is very important, especially with high heels. Mild-form shoes can avoid causing the pain, or deformity on your feet if wearing regularly.

Today, people apply computer control technology into the shoe shape creation, which can make the precision and standard in detail for shoes. These high-tech machines make the shoe forms more complete and overcome many disadvantages of the previous molding. The high heels remain the same height, but by lowering the pressure, the pressure is less on the toes; so you can wear shoes of 7cm or even 10cm height but only feel like 5cm.

However, these types of machines are quite expensive, and only quality shoemakers dare to invest. It means that the price of these shoes is high, so you should concern about this problem.

Shoe-heated technology

This modern technology is only used by European or American shoemakers. They let materials go through hot then freezing temperatures instantly. That will help the material to stay in the best form

You can check by pressing the toe or the heel of the shoe, or even stepping on; this technology will make your shoes look like new and not deformed