Pick The Right Sport Shoes In 4 Steps

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If you are new to a sport practice, chances are you are looking for a pair of appropriate sport shoes for injury avoidance, your best comfort & efficiency. The importance of wearing the right shoes when you go on a serious training or frequent practice is nothing to be argued about; thus, there comes the importance of picking that right shoes. This article aims to provide you with a 4-step practical method to find your perfect sport shoes.

Pick The Right Sport Shoes In 4 Steps

1. Identify the type of shoes that fits your training purpose

The first step of all when not only buying shoes but also purchasing any item is to know what you want to get. Different sports or training purposes will require different shoes. Therefore, identify whether you need a pair of runners, walkers, trail running shoes or cross trainers. Be extremely knowledgeable about your risks because an unsuitable pair of shoes can cause injuries while you are practicing, especially for intensive sports like hiking or apparatus work.

2. Identify your size

You may have already known your size. However, keep in mind that the right sport shoes should come with a bigger size comparing to your sandals – at least one size bigger. The shoes should fit 2/3 of your feet just closely but loose up at the toes for you to move your feet upward when you walk, run or hike.

Another reason is that shoes from different product lines or companies may come with totally non-referable size. Knowing your usual sandal size in order to identify your general size for sport shoes is the first step to get the right size for different shoes choice. Anyway, you should try putting your targeting shoes on before deciding to get them.

3. Visit a physical reliable store at late afternoon

It does not always have to be a physical store. You may prefer to shop online for time-saving. However, for the complexity of shoes size mentioned above, it is best for you to be able to try out the shoes you like before making the purchase.

Why should you shop for sport shoes at late afternoon? The answer is – because after an entire day walking, your feet will stretched to its maximum size at late afternoon or night. Therefore, it is best to try wearing the shoes you like around those times to get the most accurate size.

4. Try wearing the shoes at store

It is not as simple as trying new clothes. Especially with functional shoes like sport shoes, you need to try it in a proper way to make sure it is the one for you and for the sport you are doing.

Firstly, never forget to wear the socks you will be wearing when doing sport before putting on shoes. Tight the shoelace well as if you were about to go for a real run or hike, then try exercising in them – doing a few basic heat-up exercises and then simulating your sport. Run a bit if you are practicing running or try climbing stairs or stepping up and down a small chair if you are getting a pair of hiking shoes. Do whatever you need to test if they are good for your sport.

On the other hand, focus on the feeling. See if your toes touch the toecap a little too many times, or your heels hurt. See if you feel lightweight when you simulate the sport, or it does not feel comfortable enough. After all, your feeling is the most important thing.

As long as you feel comfortable and supported in the shoes, it might be the right one for you. However, reach out to ask assistance from staffs at the store. Ask them if there are any shoes recommended for the kind of sport you are doing.

Hope you will get the perfect shoes for your practice and stay healthy as always. See the best Nike walking shoes 2017 at home!