The Seven Rules Of Shoe Selection For Men

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People say that the way to identify the gentleman is to observe the shoes he is carrying. Although they are not too sophisticated in color and style as women’s shoes, men should note the following seven principles to choose the best shoes for the clothes.

The Seven Rules Of Shoe Selection For Men

1. The more simple, the more delicate

If a black dress is indispensable for women, a pair of black shoes is also essential for all men, because this type of shoes is suitable with many costumes not only suits but also jeans. When choosing these shoes, you should select the ones with classic design, glossy leather, and avoid folding lines or meticulous patterns so as that you can easily match with different clothes.

2. The shoe suit with your legs

A pair of square-toe shoes brings the strength, but rounded-toe ones are trendy in the fashion world and easy matched with costumes. You should choose a pair of shoes having an average width, not be too close to the feet. Also, the thickness of the leather and the ventilation on the body of the shoe are important factors you need to consider.

3. Color

Black is still the choice of the majority of males; besides, graceful brown is also trendy and easily coordinated with the costumes.

You should choose for yourself a pair of stylish brown leather shoes. A handsome Italian man has a lot of black shoes but only for big events. Instead, they prefer brown shoes because they are elegant, fashionable and suitable for many clothes.

Besides, you should also prepare your wardrobe with cobalt, gray, moss green, red or yellow shoes to express your personality and prominence.

4. Smart investment

Do not assume that quantity can compensate for the quality. Unlike the needs of women, men’s shoes have many strict requirements regarding composition, materials, and technology. Therefore, the price may be slightly high; however, you will never regret investing in a pair of famous brand shoes that you can use for at least three to five years, even longer.

5. Checking the state of shoes

You also need to invest a pair of shoe pads that can help to keep the form, absorb moisture and deodorize. Moreover, every six months, you should check the soles whether they curve or peel off glue; and replace the pads to ensure the comfort and protect the shoes.

6. Polishing shoes

Gentlemen need a box of black polish for black shoes and a neutral one for brown shoes. Typically, the polish helps to moisturize and preserve the leather. When you clean, let’s use the old towel so that the work will be easier.

7. Color of socks

One immutable rule is that: “Never choose a pair of white socks to go with shiny black shoes.” You should remember the color of the socks must be in tune with the color of the shoes. For the sports shoes used in the streets, you should wear the socks with the neck short because they will make you look healthier and more comfortable.