Top 10 Best Shoes For All Women

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Shoes never seem to be enough for every girl. In addition to the ever-changing tendencies of the day, the attractiveness of the shoes never makes women sit. However, owning a pair of shoes below will always help you shine with all the different clothes.

Top 10 Best Shoes For All Women

1. High-heel shoes

A pair of basic high heels is always the favorite accessory of women. You can easily mix them with different outfits such as skirts, jeans, skirts or dresses in most of the situations. They make you not only taller but also more elegant and seductive.

2. Ankle boots

The ankle-high boots with synthetic leather or suede are always the perfect choice in the cold season. With short-necked boots, you can wear with all clothes in your wardrobe to become more attractive, elegant but not less dynamic and personality.

3. Ankle Boots with square heels

A pair of simple ankle boots can give you confidence with jeans and a loose-fitting shirt, or a tunic dress. Especially, you can combine these with autumn attires or woolen dresses.

4. T-Strap Sandals

As the weather warms up, a pair of high-heel sandals are the “must-have” items. But you need to choose the right ones, absolutely not to touch hands on products with weak material, fragile straps. The iridescent details and T-designed straps can bring you subtlety.

5. Riding Boots

A pair of Riding Boots can help you easily match any clothes, from trendy pencil skirts to stylish dresses. Depending on the work environment or the available outfits, you can choose the perfect boots. However, to be comfortable when walking, you should select the boots that have flat bases and fit your legs.

6. Doll shoes

Doll shoes can serve as an essential accessory to the costume or be hidden under the desk for the emergency of supporting your aching feet. They can work in all seasons and can be suitable with almost clothes: dresses, shorts, jeans; so investing in a high-quality pair of shoes is what you should do.

7. Statement Shoes

“Look at me” is likely the slogan of the Statement shoes. These shoes can bring the ladies the prominence and express their personality. Whether they are bright colors or strange ones; whether they have eye-catching motifs or not, they are still perfect for any girls. You can combine with skirts, pencil skirts or jeans; it will be an entirely perfect style for going to work, party or going out.

8. Sneakers

You want to look normal, simple but not too sloppy, gloomy when going to work? Fortunately, sneakers have come with a variety of designs and styles that you can select to wear with your outfit. You can use them in order to go out, go to work or go to parties. With Sneakers you can comfortably wear with jeans, T-shirt, leg spread skirt, skirts; they can make you more beautiful but extremely dynamic and comfortable.

9. Wedge shoes

Like a pair of high heels, this type of shoes can create the effect of your long legs but not make your feet painful. You can choose a pair of leather shoes to fit better when you come to the office, and enjoy in combination with many different outfits so as to be more confident and shine in every situation.

10. Ankle strap heels

There is no doubt to say that Ankle strap heels are a very sweet combination between youthful sandals and arrogant high heels. They are suitable when you wear with pencil skirts in the office or with skinny jeans to look trendy. You can wear neutral-color shoes, or if you are a personality girl, you can search for snakeskin material or prominent print.

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