Top 5 Dress Shoes For Men

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Every man has at least a pair of dress shoes for work and formal occasions. While it could be easy to go to stores and get one pair of dress shoes of any kind, it could be difficult to get exactly the kind you wish for if you are not clear about their names and how to distinguish them.

Although the increasing amount of variants and mixed-style shoes may make getting to know different kinds of shoes challenging, there are a few basic types to start with. Here are the 5 most common dress shoes every man should know.

Top 5 Dress Shoes For Men

1. Cap Toe Oxford

Oxford is absolutely no stranger to both man and woman. Among various kinds of Oxford, Cap Toe Oxford is the most common one. It is the one that you should invest in to pair with your formal chemises and trousers to form a complete gentleman suit. Although there are different colors for Cap Toe Oxford, black and brown are more popular than any other. It is also the easiest one to tell from the crowd, this shoe design are characterized by it close lacing and the additional leather covering the toecap.

2. Brogues

The term “brogue” is originated from exactly how people carve holes out of leather shoes like Oxford or Derby – broguing. As being said, these shoes are actually Oxford or Derby but have more complicated design with decorative details generated by perforations on the toecap or vamp. Quarter Brogues are those with perforations along the seam of toecap, while Semi Brogues have the entire toecap perforated and Full Brogues (Wingtip) have the toecap extended to two sides of the shoes like wings and perforations along the seam. Brogues are normally made from leather or suede and enjoy a wide range of colors for different occasions and characteristics.

3. Boat Shoes

This type of shoes easily matches with many casual clothing and is perfect for summer time or rainy season. Boat shoes are characterized by its suede shoelace and non-marking rubber soles. As its literal name, the shoes were first created to use on boats. Rubber soles are made to assist walking on slippery surface. Boat shoes are cool with most kinds of shirt, polo, shorts, jeans or chinos but are never okay to go with socks.

4. Slippers

While boat shoes may be suitable for flexible and usual occasion like every day work-wear, slippers are the right pick for formal events. Design of slippers are minimized to the least details and without any shoelace. They could be emphasized by a bunch of tassels or other decorative patterns.

5. Penny Loafers

Penny Loafer is an extremely multi-functional kind of shoes. Not only that it is multi-seasonal, but it also cool with either formal or casual occasions, pair well with either trousers or kaki chinos. The shoe is easily recognized by its decorative slotted leather stripping over the upper, where a coin, penny, or dime could be placed – and that is just exactly how the shoe was named. Penny Loafers could be worn with or without socks.

Above are the most common men dress shoes. Each of them could have variants and there are also more kinds of dress shoes. However, make sure to get yourself familiar with these basic ones before you aim at other shoes for not getting confused by similar or mixed looks of those shoes.