Top 5 Dress Shoes For Women

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Many of us does not feel enough to walk in the office with decent chemises and skirts only. It is true as a saying that goes “a nice pair of shoes take women to nice places”. Putting on pretty shoes that are also suitable for the office environment doubles our confidence at the workplace. Here is the top 5 dress shoes every woman needs to know to walk confidently on your career path every day.

1. Basic Ballet Flats

Basic Ballet Flats

No matter how much you love high heels, it is absolutely essential to equip yourself with a reliable flat shoes. Basic ballet flats are everyone’s cup of tea. Their classic design and simple form sparkle your simplicity and femininity in a way high heels can never do as well. Unless you are a bit too short, basic ballet flats pair beautifully with all kinds of clothing – from skirts to jeans and are perfect for everyday office life.

2. Oxfords


Oxfords are always the first choice for gentlemen at office. For ladies, they bring about an active, young and dynamic look. If you are working in an environment that requires much movements and you do not want to cat-walk from places to places, Oxfords are the right pick. They match perfectly well with either jeans or skirts and give a classic, stylish and move-able appearance to any lady that most office will fall in love with.

3. Chunky Mid-Heels

Chunky Mid-Heels

Known as one of the most comfortable heeled designs, chunky mid-heels are the perfect pick for your elegant and charming appearance at the workplace. In some cases, wearing flat shoes implies unprofessionalism, meanwhile, high heels make your feet suffer. Mid-heels, especially, chunky mid-heels are that solution to level up your professional exposure with ease.

4. Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels

There are reasons why kitten heels have been accompanying movie, musical and fashion stars ever since they existed. With pointy shape and relatively low heel (only from 2-3 inches), kitten heels give ladies a classic, charming and absolutely elegant for workplace style.

On the other hand, kitten heels are favored also for the comfort when wearing them. Instead of suffering from higher heeled shoes, any lady is going to look just fashionable the same with less pain on kitten heels. When women in the workplace are getting busier with more movements, but still, wish to keep a very feminine look for themselves, these kitten heels are created just for them.

5. Slingback Pumps

Slingback Pumps

Simple pumps with slingbacks are the magical combination of a pair of highly comfortable sandals and a pair of refined pumps. Slingback Pumps are getting more favorable for workplace style. Modest, courteous and make the ladies’ femininity shine – slingback pumps brings about a huge fashion effect at the workplace, especially for those who think formal dress code “cannot be chic”.

In short, there are always ways to draw a stylish and refreshing look at the office as long as we ladies always know what there are to choose and choose smartly.