Top 5 Shoes Trend Of 2017 Anyone Can Catch Up With

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We almost always try to keep ourselves updated with clothing trends but may not give enough attention to accessories like shoes. In fact, a pair of nice shoes can light up or emphasize your everyday outfit effectively. Although trend is rather an easy-come-easy-go thing and shoes trends are sometimes more for the cat-walk than real life, this article aims to help you with the 5 latest shoes trends which are not likely to change with the weather and you can easily catch up with.

1. Bow Tie Pumps

Bow Tie Pumps

Inheriting from charming ballet shoes, pumps featuring bow ties are making a wave in the fashion world from later 2016 up to now. The combination of pump’s sexy look and bow ties’ femininity powerfully increases the shoes wearer’s charm. The bow tie is normally black and set to be quite dominating the shoes and feet, hence, brings about great elegance and formality.

2. V-Neck Shoes

V-Neck Shoes

Not only that V-neck shoes are perfect for short people, but they are getting a lot more attention also for their modern look and flexibility to mix with different clothing styles. Short ladies, or women with large feet may rejoice wearing this kind of shoes as they will make their feet look slimmer and their legs appear longer.

3. Pointy Toe Pumps

Pointy Toe Pumps

There is really nothing more to say about this classic, all-time shoes. Pointy toe pumps are something every lady needs to have in her shoe cabinet. While platform pumps are more familiar to the majority of us for how convenient they are, pointy toe pumps with no platform are making their way back to not only the cat-walk, but also parties and offices. The trendiest colors are nude, black or metallic. Nude and black are mostly cool with all occasions. Metallic pumps are more for the parties and fashion-related events.

4. Mules


There were times when mules were mostly worn to the supermarkets. Well, the news is that has changed as the fashion experts are expecting these shoes to be on the trend this spring-summer 2017. Mules give ladies an interesting look from the mixture of classic and modern design. They are also highly useful and suitable for various occasions from going out on a walk or heading to the office to participating night events.

5. Embroidered Sneakers

 Embroidered Sneakers

Amidst a bunch of heeled shoes, this is mentioned especially for the sneaker lovers. The time of plain sneakers, neon sneakers, and platform sneakers has long gone. Embroidered sneakers are not just basic black-or-white sneakers but emphasized with eye-catching embroidered details. What is special about this trend is the non-abstract, non-modern and non-bisexual embroidered details but classic and greatly feminine ones – like roses. Such patterns create a mixed appearance between the sporty, active shoes and the charming, ladylike design.

Just mentioned are shoes trends that are the latest and most up-to-date ones, but also, the all-timers that could last consistently regardless of time and fashion changes. These shoes will help you stay on the trend and looking classic like real high-end ladies.